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The Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexican History and Culture

The Virgin Guadalupe
Culture is something that can enrich and improve the lives of those who appreciate it. One of the biggest cultural celebrations held in Mexico is the remembrance held for the Virgin of Guadalupe, held every December 12. For many Mexican people, the Virgin of Guadalupe is regarded a cultural figure and a patron saint.

During the Conquest of Mexico in the 1500s, the Spaniards had arrived to Mexico in part to spread christianity. Their Spaniards’ presence didn’t fare well with the native Aztec people and the divide that continued caused tensions between to two cultures.

Many consider the The Virgin Guadalupe to be the force that helped unite the contrasting groups. According to descriptions from the 1600s, the Virgin Mary appeared in December 1531 to an indigenous peasant named Juan Diego. While returning to his home outside Mexico City, Juan Diego saw the image of a young woman surrounded by light. Both her use of the native Nahuatl language and her apparition to a native of Mexico, were a major push of the acceptance of the Spanish language and christianity throughout Mexico. She is a representation of what Mexico stands for today – the combination of two cultures.

The merging of two cultures and two languages is as important now as it was during the Conquest of Mexico. As Spanish grows to be one of the most important culture groups in the United States, consider how learning Spanish as a new language will help you develop culturally. Click here for more information about upcoming Spanish classes.