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Learning through Culture

Learning through Culture

Learning a language isn’t only about grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Behind the workbooks lies an entire culture to discover. When you start applying what you learn and start understanding the culture, you’ll grasp much more than what is taught in class. There are several ways to discover new culture and to practice what you already know.

  • Find Music in Spanish
  • Shop at Latin American Markets
  • Read a Short Book in Spanish
  • Visit Cultural Events
  • Attend Church in Spanish

When finding music, make sure you find songs that you enjoy listening to. Try finding music through services such as YouTube, Spotify, or Pandora. When you find a song you like, search for the lyrics. As you listen to music with lyrics, you’ll learn so much faster.

As for books, I recommend the children’s section of Barnes & Noble. Within the children’s section is a group a books called Libros Para Niños. These books are written at an easier level and are a great place to start.

As you apply your spanish outside of class and as you learn culture through other places, you’ll absorb and learn so much more. Give it a try!