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Learning a language in less than a year

Learning a language in less than a year
People often ask how long it really takes to learn a language. The answer really depends on the level each student is trying to achieve, as well as the tools students use to study. Some students have goals to learn basics while others want to become conversationally fluent. Even after becoming conversationally fluent, some students may want to keep up on their skills and continue to master their new language.

It may take different amounts of time for each student to become conversationally fluent, but many students have achieved it in six to eight months. Depending on the type of direction a student receives, their dedication to homework, and their exposure to their new language can change how fast or slow a student learns.

Mickey Mangan is a man who wanted to test his language learning ability by traveling to Germany and learning German through trial and error. Take a look at his experience and see what he learned:

His experience shows that learning is different for everyone. The following is what worked for him:

  • Try to expose yourself to the language
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes
  • People are patient and will help you along
  • Remember that the tools and words you learn stay with you
  • Find useful phrases you can use over and over
  • Overcome your fear of talking to strangers

Luckily for you, learning Spanish doesn’t require you to quit your job and move to South America. Simply coming to class, studying the principles, and applying what you learn will allow you to learn Spanish wherever you are. So, whether you want to learn basics, become conversationally fluent, or master the language, Next Lingo can help you get started.

To see more about Mickey Mangan’s experience learning another language, check out his site at http://thelernentotalkshow.com.