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El día de las madres – Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

This week you have likely been bombarded by emails, special promotions, and other reminders that Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. With the festive day just days away, we wanted to share a little bit of what we know about Mother’s Day in Latin countries around the world.

The idea, of course is about the same; this is a special day to celebrate the important women in our lives. Mothers, Grandmothers, wives, friends, and mentors are all included and honored with a wide variety of traditions.

One of the really unique things about latin culture is the deep roots it has in religion. Think about common Latin-American names like María, Jesús, José, and Juan, all from the Spanish Bible. This religious fire is not lost on Mother’s Day, in fact, it burns just as brightly as some of the most significant religious holidays of the year. Traditionally whole families of Latin Americans make their way to their local perishes and places of worship to honor La Madre de Dios (The Mother of God.)

In the United States we are accustomed to having this celebration on the second Sunday in May. In most Latin-American countries this special day is always observed on the 10th of May. School is often cancelled and children make their way home to begin festivities the evening of the 9th. It is tradition for the family to gather in Mother’s bedroom and wake her with a special song before the big day commences. Family breakfast is prepared as the family pitches in to prepare tamales and atole.

In Panama, Mother’s Day is celebrated on December 8th in conjunction with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. In Paraguay, the celebration occurs on the 15th of May, the same day that they celebrate their independence. In Argentina, Mother’s Day falls on the third Sunday in October, in conjunction with Spring and the celebration of new life.

Whenever and however you decide to celebrate, we hope your day is one to remember.

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